Liliom Premieres at Segerstrom Center

Courtesy of SCFTA

February 7, 2014 – Following the tremendous success of The Little Mermaid, Segerstrom Center is proud to welcome the return of John Neumeier’s Hamburg Ballett with the American Premiere of Liliom. A superb storyteller, Neumeier applies his singular vision to Liliom, the 1909 play made famous by the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Carousel. With an original score by Oscar® winner Michel Legrand, Neumeier’s adaptation is more poignant than ever.

The story is about Liliom, a carousel barker who falls in love with Julie. Liliom loses his job and begins mistreating Julie out of bitterness, though he loves her. Julie discovers she is pregnant and Liliom plans a robbery to help provide for their child. The robbery is botched and Liliom kills himself to avoid capture. Years later, he is allowed to return to Earth for one day to perform a good deed. The romance between Liliom and Julie is timeless.

The ballet is wonderfully choreographed. Neumeier has captured our hearts and imagination by incorporating large crowd scenes, around the carousel and beautiful backgrounds, as well as the quiet, romantic moments between the lead characters, who move with passion and energy throughout the story.


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