photo L.A.

Jay Mark Johnson, Costantino Sott Acqua 2,
Cetona, Italia, 2007

January 19, 2014 – The city of Los Angeles continues to grow in importance in the international art market. photo l.a. held its 23rd edition in a new location: downtown at the L.A. Mart. photo l.a. 2014 debuted a rare coming together of the photography and arts communities under one roof, truly raising the bar for both the cultural and collecting experiences. This vast collection, along with a variety of outstanding programming and installations, proved to be an impressive 23rd edition of the fair.

After spending most of Friday and Saturday photographing a ballroom dance competition, I was anxious to attend photo l.a. and get inspired with an impressive collection of photography. I was excited to hear that the fair was honoring award-winning celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland, who has photographed more than 600 major celebrities, from Marilyn Monroe to Angelina Jolie. This portion of the exhibit was amazing.

I enjoyed all the various types of photography on display. There was street photography, portraiture, urban art, surreal photos and photos of almost everything you could think of. In addition to the fantastic photos, the show had various vendors to exhibit printers, paper, lighting and cameras. This was a great event and will be a Must on next year’s calendar!!


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